Wednesday, April 09, 2014

The folks at gonna like this Brink's van...

This cash-transit van from the Brazilian branch of Brink's has some features that, in spite of being kinda mainstream in South America such as the swamp-coolers on the roof, the 4-cylinder turbodiesel and the 5-speed manual transmission, are not so usual in their North American equivalents which usually rely either on a straight-6 or a V8 turbodiesel backed by an automatic transmission. The swamp-coolers instead of an air-conditioneer decrease the load over both the engine and electrical system, while the manual transmission is not just lighter but also has less internal frictions, thus not overheating so easily and increasing the overall efficiency. The lesser amount of heat to be exhausted also allows it to have smaller openings in the engine bay, decreasing the aerodynamic drag. The front grille is as small as the license plate, and is fitted between the 2 bumper-mounted auxiliary headlamps.

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