Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Small tricycle with a narrowed Chevette rear axle

Some years ago, in the middle of a trip from Porto Alegre to Florianópolis, I saw this small tricycle converted from a Chinese imitation of the Honda C100 Biz "underbone" motorcycle. Considering the improvised nature of such vehicles, which in Brazil are more popular among disabled riders, it really surprised me that it had a differential instead of relying on a simpler rear-end setup. The rear axle came out of a Chevrolet Chevette/Opel Kadett C/Isuzu Gemini, but had to be narrowed in order to fit this tricycle, and was modified to become chain-driven instead of shaft-driven. On a sidenote, the responsible for this adaptation is a cousin of mine who lives in a small town located in Santa Catarina state.

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  1. Something like that would be nearly perfect for me, i'd just be happier with a shaft drive instead of a chain.


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