Thursday, August 01, 2013

Brazilian mini hearses

In a country where full-size sedans are not the mainstream, and the station-wagons are getting pretty much neglected, funeral agencies in Brazil are currently using smaller hearses based on compact coupé-utilities very popular in the local automotive market.

Altough the short cargo tray, usually less than 6ft.-long, may not be deemed suitable to carry a casket, it's stretched from the rear overhang by means of a fiberglass insert totally integrated to the canopy used to enclose the compartment, ensuring the required dignity to the last trip. There's also a liner, integrated with the canopy and the rear extension too, providing an easy-to-clean surface without gaps.

The external layout of the vehicle ends up holding some resemblance to European hearses, which are often fitted with panoramic windows.

One of the most popular models to be converted into a hearse is the Chevrolet Montana, known in Mexico as Chevrolet Tornado and in South Africa as Chevrolet Utility. The engine is a flexfuel 1.4L 4-cylinder, backed by a front-driven 5-speed manual transmission.


  1. We have companies fully specialized in this kind of Frankenstein, and it is incredibly good! Ok, not so good as they look, but still, they make up for what they're built to. And no, they don't look good, I was just being ironic.

    But no, I have no proud to live in a country that doesn't care anymore about its older cars and its shooting brakes, a stupid country that has extremely downsized everything, and everything is made of plastic. And worst of all, our gasoline costs are extremely high. =\

    1. Indeed. Apart from the extremely high gasoline prices, there is also the absence of Diesel engines into light-duty vehicles which is another serious problem.


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