Saturday, February 02, 2019

Honda CG 150 turned into a cargo tricycle

A month ago I spotted at the Canasvieiras beach in Florianópolis city this '09 Honda CG 150 turned into a cargo tricycle. The conversion was made by the Brazcar company located in Patos de Minas, Minas Gerais state, which previously converted pick-up trucks from regular-cab to dual-cab but switched its business to focus on tricycle conversions for utilitarian purposes. The flatbed fitted to it, however, had a tag from Carrocerias Paraguaçu which is located in Palhoça city, south from Florianópolis.
It's important to remind that light-duty Diesel vehicles are forbidden in Brazil, so such motorcycle conversions became an option for small businesses to use as a cheap and fuel-efficient small hauler which is not meant to be babied, even though this one looked more badly worn-out and neglected than usual. A somewhat surprising feature was the rear disc brake, contrasting to the stock front drum brake.

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  1. Meanwhile in Germany, there is an anti-Diesel trend spreading across major cities, which is ridiculous. Diesel engines are more reliable under heavy loads, not to mention the possibilities of resorting to biodiesel or even pure plant oil.


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