Monday, July 01, 2013

Cargo tricycles: increasing popularity in Uruguay

Due to high gasoline prices and a recent ban on the registry of new Diesel-powered light vehicles, small utility tricycles like the Chinese-made Yumbo Cargo 125 are increasing their market share in Uruguay. Altough the low output and limited performance (max. speed around 60km/h) turn them pretty unsafe for highway traffic, they're a reasonable option for urban jobs such as parcel delivery or even just as a personal commutter for those who don't feel safe to ride a regular motorcycle.

Despite the lack of weather protection, tricycles like the Yumbo Cargo 200 are an effective solution to urban light hauling due to their lower operational cost compared to a regular 4-wheeled compact van such as the Peugeot Partner, which currently is not available in Uruguay with Diesel engines anymore.