Sunday, February 11, 2024

Brazilian 1960 Ford F-100 with a local double-cab conversion approved by Ford

For many people it's no longer unknown the Brazilian models of the Ford F-Series used to be at least one generation older than those made elsewhere, so this F-100 being a 1960 model is no surprise. What makes it really unusual is the double-cab conversion, which was provided by the Sulamericana company under an agreement with Ford, and using the same glasshouse of the regular cab. There were also van conversions performed by the same enterprise, yet those were demanded mostly by governmental entities.


Wednesday, February 07, 2024

Avallone, a Brazilian sports car from the 70s with a Chevette powertrain

Car imports had been basically out of reach in Brazil from '76 to '90, with few exceptions granted, so the need for specialty models such as sports cars was mostly addressed by local makers who had to rely on powertrains supplied by mainstream automakers with a Brazilian manufacturing operation. One of such ventures was Avallone, resorting to Chevrolet engines and transmissions for its MG replicas. The most common was the powertrain from the Chevette, as in this '76 model.