Saturday, November 26, 2022

Another Brazilian Bricknose Ford with a local aftermarket cabin

There were times when a crew-cab, or even an extended-cab, were not available for the Brazilian trucks as a factory option, so it was quite common to outsource from some cottage-industry that flourished from the '70s to the '90s, and started to decline well after the Japanese changed the landscape of the local truck market with crew-cabs. A good example of such trend is this Bricknose Ford F-1000, which is some sort of F-250 with the short bed of the F-150. Restrictions against the registration of cars with a Diesel engine have also increased the demand for such conversions, as an option when full-size luxury cars were also not so easily available around the '70s and '80s due to import restrictions in order to keep local Dollar reserves to pay for the import of other items which would be deemed more essential than a random landyacht. Even though these conversions started to fall out of favor in the '90s, because of the availability of imported crew-cab Japanese trucks and the SUV trend which started to emerge within the same timeframe, in certain regions with a more conservative car buying pattern a considerable demand was retained. A reasonable amount of models from the '90s, such as this Bricknose Ford, can still be seen roaming around my hometown.

Friday, November 18, 2022

Prerunner-inspired Jeep Cherokee XJ?

The reinforced front bumper, the wider track (yet not so extreme), reminded me somehow a prerunner when I spotted this '97-'98 Jeep Cherokee. Retaining the 4-wheel drive and a solid front axle on the other hand, are features which tend to be unusual for prerunners in general, and so are the snorkel and the winch as far as I know.
Suspension travel also doesn't seem to be so extreme as in most prerunners, but that front bumper... It's hard to not think of a prerunner while looking at it, seemingly providing an outstanding approach angle.