Monday, August 01, 2016

Decomissioned dedicated-ethanol Kombi ambulance turned into a donuts stand

This used to be a Brazilian Volkswagen Kombi that had been converted into an ambulance when it was still brand-new, then donated to the Santa Casa de Miseric├│rdia (Holy House of Mercy) medical center in my hometown. The company that donated the Kombi was involved on illegal gambling scams and got bankrupt, and then it couldn't be registered for traffic on public roads, so it spent its 20 years only doing short runs from the hospitals of the Santa Casa's compound to its morgue.
The extra filler cap on the left side, set lower and further back comparing to the right-side one, was due to the small auxiliary tank that held gasoline for cold starts. Now it has no engine, so it wouldn't even justify being called a food-truck, but became quite attractive as a donuts stand.