Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Would an Opel Corsa B still be a good runabout?

A car which used to be praised for how modern it was when it was introduced to the Brazilian market, yet with an austerity level unmatched by any modern contender to the "people's car" segment in Brazil, the Opel Corsa B might be on its way to become an icon, to some extent even comparable to the good old Volkswagen Beetle, even though some folks might assume I'm a sinner for saying so. But anyway, would it still be a reasonable option for a runabout?

Don't expect so many airbags and crumple zones as in most modern cars, just look at it as "better than soaking under the rain on a motorcycle" if you want so. Not even ABS brakes were a popular option back in the day, even though those could technically be retrofitted, but most people looking for an Opel Corsa B simply as an affordable commuter won't even care about it, especially in a country such as my homeland Brazil.

Some replacement parts at least matching the quality of the original ones might not be so easy to find anymore, but it's still not so much demanding when it comes to maintenance. And when taken proper care of, its engines are going to last long.

Another aspect worth mentioning is the Opel Corsa B was still small, in contrast to newer generations of "small" cars which are bigger than some cars that used to be seen as large 30 years ago. For someone willing to use one as an urban commuter, the compact size and ease of maneuvering on tight spaces is a good motivation to at least lurk about how good an Opel Corsa B might still be.

Saturday, January 21, 2023

Mercedes-Benz AGL/Bulldog/Bubble-nose truck with a roof-mounted air conditioner

It might look quite difficult to retrofit some comfort features into older vehicles, such as air conditioning into a nearly 50 years-old truck, but this '77 Brazilian Mercedes-Benz L-1513 with an updated front fascia got a roof-mounted air conditioner. At a first glance it could look just like those swamp-coolers which are still quite common among Brazilian truckers, but the increased height rendered it quite noticeable, just like the air intakes for the condenser and the "ar condicionado" decal.