Wednesday, November 14, 2012

EPA sucks, Diesel rocks

Yesterday, some bad news for the Diesel scene came out, because H&S Performance suspended the production of its tuning devices, including EGR/DPF delete kits. The company, currently a worldwide leader in the Diesel performance market, is now seeking for an EPA compliance to upcoming products.

Ironically, all that emissions control devices currently mandated by the EPA environazis such as EGR, DPF and DEF (urea injection at the exhaust, also known as SCR) have some side-effects. EGR decreases the fuel-efficiency and leads to a higher particulate matter amount, requiring more DPF regeneration cycles which also spend more Diesel fuel. Then, more energy is spent from the oil extraction to the Diesel fuel transport to the refuelling stations, going thru the refining. The extra components added to the vehicles, from the EGR to the urea injection setup, are pointless too due to the incresement in the raw materials amount demanded to make each vehicle. It's not really an effective way to cut emissions after all.

Performance-wise, the EGR prejudices the turbocharging effectiveness due to a reduction on the exhaust housing pressure. It's worth to remember the turbocharger also leads to a higher fuel-efficiency, due to the higher air intake flow promoting a more complete combustion process.

The increasingly common SCR/urea injection is also not so great as it's often quoted, since it demands more industrial processes to manufacture the industrial urea and a higher water consumption to make the standardized urea-based Diesel Exhaust Fluid, not to disconsider the increased complexity to the logistic procedures required to make it nationwide available.

EPA and its pointless witch-hunting against Diesel clearly show that environmental protection is not a real priority for the Diesel-bashing environazis.

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