Tuesday, May 10, 2016

SR Ibiza, a Brazilian equivalent to the Ford E-Series

From mid-50's to early-90's, the van market in Brazil was dominated by Volkswagen to a point that competition was virtually wiped out during that period. However, independent coachbuilders offered vans based in truck platforms from Ford and Chevrolet with fiberglass bodies. Among the models based in the Ford F-Series, the SR Ibiza was highlighted by its design. Unlike other models that looked more like a copy of the American Ford E-Series, the Ibiza looked less boxy with a slightly more rounded and elongated nose. The tailgate is a hatch-type, instead of the barn-door prevalent in American vans, following a trend prevalent in European and Asian passenger vans at that time. Engine and transmission options were much restricted to what was available for the Ford F-1000, a Brazilian equivalent to the pre-'98 F-250, basically a 6-cylinder gasser and a locally-sourced MWM 4-cylinder Diesel either naturally-aspirated or turbocharged, and only manual transmissions.


  1. I prefer the look of a Ford E-Series, but the fiberglass bodywork is hard to beat as it's rustproof by nature.

  2. The hatch tailgate is quite weird at first.


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