Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Dacia Dokker rebadged as Renault Kangoo in Argentina and fitted with underbody-mounted CNG tanks

It took a long time for Renault Argentina to phase out the 1st generation of the Kangoo, which was released in Europe in late-'97, started to be made in Argentina in '99 and lasted there until 2018. Instead of the real 2nd generation of the Kangoo which was released in 2007 for Europe, Asia/Oceania and Africa, the Dacia Dokker was chosen instead, even though it took 6 years since its European and African release in 2012 sourced from Morocco, and rebadged in Argentina as a new Renault Kangoo.
This one that I spotted in Florianópolis, Brazil, is fitted with a 16-valve 1.6L gasoline-powered engine, and was supplemented with a CNG kit. Underbody-mounted tanks can be clearly seen from behind, in a way that doesn't take too much space from the luggage compartment, requiring only the spare tyre to be relocated inside.
The 1.5 dCi remains available as a premium option for those who prefer a turbodiesel, but I haven't seen one of these yet. I wouldn't hold my breath for this model to be released in Brazil once the remaining stock of the previous-generation Kangoo Express panel van, but those compact vans remain popular in Argentina instead of being somewhat replaced by double-cab coupé-utilities and mini SUVs as in Brazil...

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