Thursday, July 18, 2019

Good-looking pressed-steel wheels?

Most often, the aftermarket options catering to those who seek for better-looking wheels are made out of light alloys, and usually either die-cast or forged. Pressed-steel wheels are still usually standard for entry-level models or versions of larger vehicles, but not often so appealing. It did surprise me to see this first-generation Chevrolet Prisma with a pressed-steel wheel that reminded me the Mangels-brand ones which were a popular aftermarket option for trucks and SUVs in my homeland Brazil in the '90s. Sure a small sedan is not the vehicle I would expect to see with a set of those, maybe it was borrowed while a stock wheel was being repaired after getting bent. But anyway, since so many SUVs and small coupé-utility trucklets have high sales volumes, maybe such wheels could've been somewhat appealing to those who either need something more resistent and easier to fix than an alloy wheel or want their brand-new mall-rated SUVs to look tougher...

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