Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Peruvian-style tuk-tuk tricycle repurposed into a hot-dog mobile stand

Passenger tricycles are still quite unusual in Brazil, besides those custom Volkswagen-based ones that cater to a very specific leisure segment. A broader public often seen tricycles in general with disdain, even though their utilitarian nature may get highlighted once in a while. Regarding the Peruvian type, which is usually based in some random Chinese copy of the Honda CG 125 with the engine enlarged to 150cc in order to make its performance less unbearable, it's fitted with a simple canvas enclosure at the passengers area, while the cockpit is not fully enclosed in order to allow some ventilation for the engine and the fuel tank breather. They have been increasingly popular in some cities in the Brazilian West Amazon and in the Northeast, while in the South they're a rare sight and I spotted this one in Florianópolis city. This one has been turned into a hot-dog and churros (a Spanish treat which is more widely available in Brazil on its Uruguayan variation) mobile stand. Even though those Asia Motors Towner microvans which were frequently seen as a hot-dog stand are getting out of favor among street food vendors, and I have already seen tricycles being used as food stands, I really wasn't expecting to see a Peruvian-type tuk-tuk taking this role.

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