Sunday, May 10, 2020

Ford Del Rëy, the Brazilian makeshift visually inspired on the European Granada

Brazil is not for beginners, and it's been that way for a long time. Among those Brazilian somewhat hard-to-explain features, the car market with its long-time distortions which remain in effect even nowadays has led to the emergence of models such as the Ford Del Rëy, which was an attempt to take the outdated Renault R12 platform which had been license-made by Ford as the Corcel since late-60s and use it as some sort of replacement for the ill-fated Maverick. Even though it was arguable that the Maverick platform would serve better for something more upscale than the Corcel by then, Ford was having a hard time to justify its Brazilian operation and not so keen to make any risky investment, so it seemed easier to concentrate on a higher-volume platform and engine range to eventually increase the chance to such an interim model developed in an economically-challenging period to succeed. Sure the extremely restricted market in Brazil from '76 to '90 favored such a makeshift. Due to another condition unique to the Brazilian market, a 2-door version outsold the 4-door one for a large margin, so a 4-door in a pristine condition is a rare sight nowadays.

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