Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Hand control for the clutch in a split-window Kombi

As if an immaculate split-window Kombi wouldn't caught enought attention, this one specifically had a special feature in order to accomodate a physical disability of its owner. Since he had lost his left leg, using a standard clutch pedal would be impossible. A dashboard-mounted lever to the left of the steering wheel was the obvious choice in Brazil during the 70's when, unlike Europe, a Saxomat automatic clutch or some clutch automation device catering specifically to disabled drivers was either unavailable or overly expensive.
Even though this bodystyle was phased out in most markets in '67, it soldiered on in Brazil until '75, and this one specifically is a '72. Back there in 2009 the owner was not any likely to retire it, and still daily-drove the Kombi which was his pride and joy. He was very excited while telling me about how this vehicle was essential to provide him a job and raise his kids.

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