Friday, April 09, 2021

1st-generation Honda CG 125 turned into scrambler

Popularity of the Honda CG 125 in Brazil since its 1st generation is no surprise, due to the ruggedness of the OHV engine it featured. Even though this engine had already been phased out by Honda, there is a widely-available aftermarket support, catering not only to those who still resort to its utilitarian aspect but also to its enthusiasts who look at a CG 125 as a reliable base for custom modifications such as this scrambler.
The shorter and straight exhaust pipe with its end raising higher, usual on motorcycles aiming to a more off-road operation, is one of the features easier to spot on a scrambler, along the slightly higher front mudguard which is also more open to the sides in order to not trap so much mud and debris. Since many enthusiasts of the scrambler style actually ride their motorcycles on paved pathways, changes to the suspension and the usage of knobby tyres in order to improve off-road ability may not be present, not to mention the dependability of the early Honda CG 125 which rendered it popular even in rural areas.

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