Monday, October 25, 2021

Color-matching tail lights: a reminiscence from mid-'90s

Looking back at some photographs I took in 2014 in my hometown Porto Alegre, this 2nd-generation Volkswagen Gol reminded me the long-gone days when it was quite common to see aftermarket tail lenses to match the color of some cars. Odd enough, nearly all the cars with color-matching tail lights I used to see back in the day were exactly Volkswagen Gol, as it used to be a best-seller in Brazil. The 2nd generation was released in '94, and its early design soldiered on until 2004, even though the first major facelift had been released in '99 and unproperly highlighted as if that was an all-new generation, with a milder (barely noticeable) facelift around 2002 and the last major facelift from 2005 to 2013. But only the pre-facelift ones used to be quite easily seen with those color-matching tail lights, which by the way relied on red-dyed lamps for brake and lantern, amber-dyed lamps for turn signals, and clear lamps for reverse, remaining compliant to the standards for rear lights applied in Brazil.

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