Sunday, April 03, 2022

'89 Ford Pampa with a crew-cab conversion

One of the most popular Brazilian coupé-utilities of its time, the Ford Pampa was made from '82 to '97, based on the same underpinnings of the Corcel and Del Rey which were local variants of a project from a joint-venture between Renault and Willys-Overland. As the Brazilian branch of Willys-Overland had been taken over by Ford in '67, so was the project which resulted in the Corcel for the Brazilian market.
Though a double-cab was never a factory option, there were some aftermarket conversions done either by specialized companies or smaller businesses, with different degrees of craftsmanship involved, and once in a while some distinctive feature. This one is just 2WD, but in order to clear the footwell for the passengers of the rear bench seat it had the fuel tank relocated to the rear overhang, where an auxiliary fuel tank would be featured in the 4WD versions which soldiered on from '84 to '95.

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