Monday, May 08, 2023

2004 Suzuki GN 125 styled as a bobber

A model which sold quite well in Brazil from 2002 to 2017, the Suzuki GN 125 is still quite common to see either stock or modified to different extents. Having become some sort of cheap option for the folks who would otherwise get a Harley-Davidson, it's easy to see many with modifications inspired by some of the most traditional styles enjoyed by the Harley-Davidson owners and enthusiasts. This 2004 turned into a bobber is a good example of how the Suzuki GN 125 became popular for what could be seen as a makeshift Harley-Davidson lookalike...
Having been rebadged in Brazil as Suzuki Intruder 125, there is a minor cult-following to this model in the local market, as one of the few "affordable" cruiser-inspired motorcycles with a reasonable support both by the local representative of Suzuki back in the day and mostly by the aftermarket now, unlike so many Korean and more recently Chinese copies of some ancient Hondas which faded away as fast as they appeared. And even though its performance might not seem like the most exciting for the highway, it's undeniable the Suzuki GN 125 was quite well suited to the bobber styling.

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