Tuesday, May 02, 2023

Chevrolet-based Santa Matilde SM4.1 convertible

One of those Brazilian cars made during the times when imports were prohibitively restricted, and one of the few not resorting to a Volkswagen-based powertrain, the Santa Matilde SM4.1 had the Chevrolet 250cu.in. straight-six as the standard powertrain available both in gasoline and ethanol versions, and a much rare turbocharged version with the 151cu.in Chevrolet 4-cyl engine derived from the very same basic project of the straight-six, with the turbocharging implemented by Santa Matilde and avaliable only in an ethanol-powered setup. This convertible is of the 1987 model-year, fitted with the normal Chevrolet straight-six engine in the gasser version, and a manual transmission.

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