Wednesday, November 07, 2018

'07 Honda CG 150 Job with a car-type receiver hitch

At a first glance, this Honda CG 150 Job may look like any other which still roams around Brazil, but it had been fitted with a rather unusual feature. It has been fitted with a car-type receiver hitch to tow a small trailer, requiring a supporting structure to be added to its chassis. I have been used to see similar setups for a while during my childhood, but haven't seen so many of those for the last 16 years due to the increasing popularity of cargo sidecars and the lack of a regulation for towing with motorcycles until some years ago. Nowadays the most usual receiver hitch setup for motorcycles is bolted to the rear suspension swing-arm. Spotted this one yesterday in my hometown Porto Alegre.

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  1. My brother made a trailer for use in his motorcycle with one wheel and a support that not allow roll (rotation against an axis in the direction of advance). It was nice, very easy handling and load capable.
    After some use he discarded it because police traffic tend to exploit any hole in the regulation to bribe.


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