Monday, August 02, 2021

5 reasons why Yamaha could relaunch the XTZ 125 in Brazil

Introduced to the Brazilian market in 2002 while Yamaha was still moving away from its previous focus on 2-stroke engines for utilitarian motorcycles, the XTZ 125 was a successful model until being phased out locally in 2014, even though it's still available in neighboring countries such as Uruguay, Chile and Argentina. With a traditional enduro-themed design almost unaltered in nearly 20 years, which may be arguably pointed out as "outdated", having taken it out of catalog in Brazil was not the greatest move at all, yet the Yamaha XTZ 125 is effectively suitable to address some recently-arisen circumstances in the local motorcycle market, and it's possible to list at least 5 reasons why this model could be relaunched:

1 - Yamaha dirt-bike tradition in Brazil: there were times when it was easier to spot a dual-purpose than any street-oriented Yamaha, so a seemingly austere design of the XTZ 125 bearing a reminiscence to the glorious days of the DT-series can be still considered a valuable asset among conservative buyers;

2 - suitability to city traffic: with the long-travel suspensions providing a relatively smooth ride on the less-than-optimal conditions of the streets in many cities and their outskirts, and a great maneuverability on tight spaces, it's clear the XTZ 125 is at home with the daily usage pattern of many riders to whom a small-displacement motorcycle becomes an affordable option to address the commuting requirements;

3 - aptitude to the rough countryside riding conditions: customers from rural areas could be better served by the ruggedness of the Yamaha XTZ 125, and lower operating costs than comparable models within a larger displacement range could definitely increase its appeal to some people who previously would most likely avoid riding motorcycles at all;

4 - the need for more affordable motorcycles amid the economic recovery: after the outbreak of the Chinese virus did so much harm to the economy of so many countries, Brazil included, the demand for small-displacement motorcycles increased partially in response to the needs of many businesses which resorted to home delivery as a way to keep operating, also going further than the perception of them as a reasonable commuter to become a valuable working tool for people who lost their jobs amid the restrictions enforced at municipal and state levels which pushed the whole country to the verge of an economic collapse;

5 - political circumstances and a historical precedent: President Jair Bolsonaro is an enthusiast of motorcycles, with his excitement about them giving rise to the motorcades known as motociatas which gather millions of people supporting him, so maybe Yamaha could benefit from the way motorcycles have been recently highlighted by the media and relaunch the XTZ 125 in a comparable way to what Volkswagen did in '93 with the Beetle during Itamar Franco's presidential term.

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